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Callback is an international calling service that allows a caller in any part of the world to place a low cost international phone call from their landline or cellphone at U.S. low phone rates.

The caller dials their own unique access number in the US, listens for one ring and then hangs up before the call is answered or billed. Within seconds a call is initiated back to the customer’s telephone number, hence the name “callback”. The customer is then prompted to dial their destination number he/she wishes to call. The call is then routed through our Tier 1 U.S. carriers at U.S. low phone rates.

Our callback service allows a caller to place an international call from any phone number ( cell phone or landline ) in the world to anywhere in the world at our low international calling rates.


Colson Communications provides 3 different ways to trigger a callback: SMS, webtrigger, and manually dialing your access number.

SMS callback can be triggered by sending a SMS text to our servers and then the caller will receive a callback prompting the user to dial their destination number.

Webtrigger callback is ideal for larger size companies with employees who have their own direct phone numbers or DID #. A lot of our global Fortune 100 customers such as General Electric & Gulf Oil use this calling option because of the high cost of international calls in foreign countries. These companies put a long distance block on their local company phone lines so that their employees are unable to place an expensive international call with their local phone provider and instead they use our webtrigger service to place low cost international calls. All that their employees have to do is log on to their webportal that we provide them, enter their destination number and “ click to call “ and then their phone rings connecting their destination number at low U.S. phone rates.

Features and Benefits

  • Lowest Callback Rates in the industry.
  • Excellent call quality, clear connections.
  • All of our routes are partnered with experienced carriers.
  • No dropped calls.
  • 24 hours / 7 days Customer Service.
  • View Call Details in Real Time.
  • Online account management keeps you in control. Manage all features and parameters at anytime.
  • Internet Web Triggering & SMS triggering features.
  • No sign up or monthly fees.
  • Prepaid & Post Paid Accounts Available.
  • Speed dials can be used for a faster connection to the most frequently dialed numbers.
  • Online Phone Book or address book allows webtrigger users to store frequently called numbers for automated calling To place a call – locate your contact in your online phone book and then “ click to call “ to call your contacts at low international calling rates.


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