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Welcome to Colson Communications Corporation !

We provide business telephone system solutions, business internet solutions and business call center solutions. Our goal is to provide businesses with cost effective phone and internet solutions that will help increase their productivity and reduce overall telecom costs.

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Wide Partner Network

We are telecom consultants with over 100 telecom providers in our portfolio.
We are certified and trained on the products of our partner carriers.
We are experts and one point of contact for everything telecom.

Unbiased Recommendations

The telecom carrier recommendations that you receive from us are neutral and unbiased.
We will provide your company with the best and most effective carrier that meets your individual needs.


In todays constantly changing telecommunications industry – it helps to have a company like Colson Communications working for you & your best interests. We will assess your companies telecom needs and we will provide your company with the best telecom carriers at the most competitive cost.

A Few of Our Valued Telecom Partners
If you have any specific requirements in mind please don't hesitate! Consult us!